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Nurture Provision

Tameside Primary Academy believe that all children should be encouraged to achieve their potential through the provision of a nurturing, supportive and caring environment.

To support this aim, we provide the opportunity for children to attend a nurture group in school.

A nurture group is a small, structured teaching group for children who may be experiencing behavioural, social or emotional difficulties. They are very useful for children who are experiencing disruption or distress outside of the school environment. 

The aim of a nurture group is to provide a predictable environment to allow children to build trusting relationships with adults and gain the skills they need in order to learn in larger classes.

Children who attend nurture groups remain a member of their main class, and they will spend some of each day with them. The group aims to provide a supportive environment for children to access positive learning experiences.

If you would like to find out more about the nurture provision the school provides please contact the office and ask to make an appointment.